Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a...

sweet little baby girl!! I can hardly believe it and was almost in tears of joy this afternoon after our ultrasound. It was a little mentally exhausting though, our little girl was all balled up for most of the 90 minutes that it took to do the anatomy scan and we almost didn't get a good look at the sex, thank goodness for the last few minutes and our techs determination.
(Feet and legs are up in the air)

During the ultrasound the tech had the chair going up and down, she was tapping on my stomach, and even asked me to take a break to get up and walk around twice...all in an attempt to get the baby to move positions. She apparently was quite cozy with her hands over her face and feet tucked closely to her belly.
We are so happy with our little one, Andy is already joking that he's wrapped around her little finger... <3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Family's Growing

Since I'm going on my 14th week, we thought it was an appropriate time to share our exciting news - I'm pregnant!! Thankfully, I have overall been feeling really great, besides the whole exhaustion thing. In the evenings after work, instead of cooking, I would come home, curl up in bed, and enjoy a nice nap with the dogs. Mainly we've been having quick easy meals, frozen foods from Trader Joe's, or the Foster's Family Dinners that I mentioned in my last can imagine that these meals weren't all that blog worthy and thus the lack of posting.

This pregnancy didn't come easy for us, we'd been trying to conceive for just over 2 1/2 years when we finally got our good news. We went to a lot of doctor appointments, we each underwent a lot of testing, we had a lot of stress, and I shed a lot of tears. However, we also had a wonderful team of doctors at Duke Fertility Clinic and right as we were seriously considering IVF (we'd already taken the meds course and I had a Hysteroscopy performed) we asked if we could try the minimal stimulation procedure one last time (a series of oral meds and shots)...and that's when it happened for us!! WE WERE SO EXCITED!! I am considered a high risk pregnancy and am being closely monitored at Duke Medicine due to having antiphospholipid syndrome, a coagulation disorder that can cause blood clots and other pregnancy complications. I am currently on two syringes of Lovenox a day. The pregnancy is going great...we can't wait to welcome our little one into our lives at the end of April.
Our 12 week, 3D ultrasound - our baby is just 2inches long at this point.