Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Shower: Dec 23rd

Since this was our only trip back to KY (our home state) while pregnant, two of my wonderful friends were gracious enough to plan and host an AWESOME shower for me - THANK YOU!!!! It was definitely one of the highlights of our Christmas visit. (20.5 weeks pregnant)

Baby Shower 12-23-10 007

With my beautiful hosts: Brittany and Kelly

Baby Shower 12-23-10 001 Baby Shower 12-23-10 004

I adore all things Dr. Seuss, this is going to be our nursery theme too!

Baby Shower 12-23-10 002 Baby Shower 12-23-10 003

Appetizer and Dessert spread (veggie pizza, sausage wontons, cucumber sandwiches, cheese ball, bacon wrapped weenies, meatballs, reuben dip, plus sweets)

Here’s a sampling of the fabulous gifts we were so thankful to have received.

Baby Shower 12-23-10 014

handmade baby throw from Carrie

Baby Shower 12-23-10 031

adorable little baby girl clothes from Andy’s mom

Baby Shower 12-23-10 037

Dr. Seuss baby quilt made by my Mom, I'm told this is the first of TWO :)

Baby Shower 12-23-10 063

Cute knitted baby hat from my sister and a locally made baby bag

Baby Shower 12-23-10 105

High chair from Kelly & Britt

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Jen (Running with Food) said...

Enjoy all these fun moments ... there are MANY more to come! You look great! :)