Monday, January 17, 2011

Revolutions’ Hearty Winter Cooking Class

Yesterday, I had a great time attending one of Revolutions’ Chop Shop classes called Hearty Winter Cooking. After we, the class participants, spent 4-5 quick hours in the restaurant kitchen (wine included), the whole class sat down to enjoy the prepared meal with the chefs. Everything tasted so fantastic, here’s what we prepared:

Simmering pears and apples in a sugar, white wine, vanilla bean syrup (later lemon zest and grated ginger were added).

foodblog 001

Puff pastry shells for apple and pear tarte tatin. We used dried beans inside molds to shape the puff pastry. Flour, cornstarch, nutmeg and sugar mixture were added to each fruit filling before going into the puff pastry rings (once baked).

foodblog 008 foodblog 007

Vanilla bean whipping cream for semifreddo, melted gelatin sheet was added later.

foodblog 002

Justin made a piping bag for melted hazelnut chocolate.

foodblog 003 foodblog 004

We then started making lamb sausage, for the meat needed to be grinded.

foodblog 005 foodblog 006

Then pressed into the casings. Finally, the sausages were browned and added to the sautéed fennel and onions.

foodblog 009 foodblog 011

Pierogies stuffed with chive mashed potatoes and warm slaw and served with sour cream and pickled red onions (apple cider vinegar, sugar, whole black/red pepper, coriander, bay, cinnamon).

foodblog 010

Slow roasted guinea fowls

foodblog 012

Chocolate hazelnut semifreddo and tarte tatins (topped with sugar/butter crumble mixture and a sprinkle of brown sugar).

foodblog 013 foodblog 014

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