Monday, February 14, 2011

28 week ultrasound

Ultrasound 2-14-11 28 weeks (8) Ultrasound 2-14-11 28 weeks (7)

She looks so snuggly in the first photo and as if she's signing "I love you" in the second <3

I had a great ultrasound and doctor apt today; it was a lot of fun to see Gretchen "Greta" after going eight weeks since the last time. She was moving around like crazy and kept putting her hands and feet! in front of her face. She currently weighs 2lbs, 15 oz, at the 72nd growth percentile. We saw these characteristics about her today:

  • she has a little bit of hair on the back of her head
  • long femur bones
  • flexible, with putting her feet up over her head
  • and has big, bright eyes

Ultrasound 2-14-11 28 weeks (2)

Such a little cutie!

I also took the 1-hr glucose test today (tasted like thinned out orange triaminic cough syrup to me - which I always loved as a kid and didn't think was bad at all). The doctors office will call tomorrow only if I there is concern, same with my iron level that was tested too.

Ultrasound 2-14-11 28 weeks (11)

I'm told that my next ultrasound will be in 6 weeks, when I'm 34 weeks along.