Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nursery Complete (almost)

We’ve continued to work on the nursery little by little and we finally have it almost complete. I say almost because we still need to get a few items - video monitor, Seuss mobile and lamp, and changing pad are the main visual items missing (and a pack n’ play to use in the beginning in our bedroom). I struggled a little with exactly how to arrange the wall decals and framed pictures, but I think I finally got it worked out nicely.

(You can click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Entering the nursery

Baby Nursery faves March 2011

Back wall

Baby Nursery faves March 2011 (1)

new furniture and Seuss book shelf (the chest has all her clothes with each drawer organized by size and the dresser has cloth diapers and supplies, blankets, swaddle wraps, etc.)

Baby Nursery faves March 2011 (2)

new convertible crib

Baby Nursery faves March 2011 (3)

closet wall

Baby Nursery faves March 2011 (4)

I bought this Irish linen when I traveled to Ireland in 2000 and have been saving it ever since. I decided to hang it on the back of the nursery door and place the small stuffed animals we've been given in it for now. I think the pattern is darling.

Baby Nursery March 2011 0011

Nursery Door (Kristin made this as a baby shower decoration, I placed 3M wall tape on the back and placed it on the nursery door.)

Nursery March 2011 (18)Nursery March 2011 (19) 

The guest bathroom also got a bit of a Seuss makeover.

Seuss Bathroom Seuss Bathroom (1) foodblog 002foodblog 001